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When the design and perfection exist to define the concept of kitchen-living room.

The kitchen as part of the architecture of the room, meeting place for family and friends.

Welded stainless steel top by our team of professional welders

Strong similarity in the Union between design and functionality.

Rear panel in Walnut wood veneer Zebra.
Cleaning stainless steel block and throat grip basics.

Stainless steel kitchen lock.
Work surface provided with electronic sensor hood pull-ups.
Throat grip basics.

Snack table at the peninsula by Cooking Block

Columns with advanced equipment that provide the ideal space to hold all the food.

Customizable compositions of coffee machine, Water and ice dispenser, Wine cellar, Refrigerators, Built-in Ovens and freezers

Expressive Walnut plot emphasizes the richness of the wood and guarantees perfect elegance.

New solutions to wood selection can be made by connecting the kitchen interior design, giving a perception of contemporary sophistication.



Our kitchens are made up primarily of stainless steel 304, the Prince will give that quality materials and resistance to your kitchen. In the door and the top choice of materials is more extensive. It ranges from wood, the stone, to Okite and many other materials. Below are listed the most common, normally used leaving the freedom to request material directly to your liking is not foreseen by the following exposure

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  • Levanto
    The lightness of forms in space. independent MonoBlocks stainless steel
  • Barn
    A mix of traditional elements and advanced equipment, between the steel and the wood, personalized with unique features for a wide range of users.
  • Trend
    Kitchen by simple lines and stainless steel lacquered fronts. The cabinets are made of white glass and illuminated shelves, While the workplan of the island is white quartz stone. The right solution for a trendy cuisine.