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The only real quality. . . that of steel.

Arca Cucine Italy - Domestic stainless steel kitchens - 16 - Open - 0005
Arca Cucine Italy - Domestic stainless steel kitchens - Workstation - Piano Island

The undisputed solidity and resistance of stainless steel in our kitchens joins the unique design that characterizes, the result of a 50-year collaboration with the best Italian architects and the world

The real made in italy


customized and customizable

When the art of cooking is combined with the pleasure of design…


Our technicians will satisfy your every taste. The design is our daily bread. Everything you ask will become reality


The quality is guaranteed by our machine tools. The whole production of your kitchen will take place in Italy under the watchful eye of our experienced operators thirty.


Our delivery times are greatly reduced. The Assembly will be carried out by our professionals and prepared

'' If the man will be able to use it with creative spirit, the machine will be the servant and the liberator of mankind. ' "

Frank Lloyd Wright