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You want to understand our kitchen? You're in the right place

Our kitchen is completely made of stainless steel. We don't use wood. It will last forever.

Do you have an idea to make? You don't want the classic kitchen?

You are an architect and need someone to follow you step by step?

We will be by your side, to make your kitchen, satisfying your every little need

We shape the steel ’…

the synergy between man and the machine allows us flexibility with the undisputed quality of the made in italy

We start from the base, the basic form of our kitchen

The basis of our domestic kitchens is totally built in stainless steel.

With us there are no dimensional constraints, our items can be custom made according to your project.

The Fronts, or Doors, available on request in different types

Mild steel or lacquered RAL – Steel with coloured glass front – Wood – RAL Lacquered

Our drawers, internally made of stainless steel, are equipped with the most modern technology for opening and closing.

Also the inner dividing systems are versatile, will allow you to maintain order that you always wanted.

Internal led lighting, will make a clearer vision

To complete our beds, a touch of design.. the range of our solid handles. The last detail for the aesthetics and quality of your kitchen. Handles, Knobs, Push Openings, all the latest new technologies, with us, always available.

The Top Of .... the part that makes the difference

A stainless steel monoblock, important thickness that will give light to your kitchen.

Welded sinks and hobs perfectly integrated to form a unique and compact surface.

The availability of our Top does not end to steel, but offers a wide range of solutions ranging from Stones, the Corian, to Okite. Even in this case, We will be happy to satisfy all your further request

Cooking and Washing, the way we innovate

A choice between a multitude of possibilities, We bring to your attention that our company also takes care of Professional catering. Therefore, to us, the ability to install any type of appliance, for domestic or professional.

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